Introduction of@Koto

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Koto@is a traditional musical instrument which was introduced from China (the Tang era) to Japan in the Nara era in the eighth centuries.
The instrument has thirteen tensed strings over a rounded wooden board made of paulownia timber. Each string has a movable bridge calledh Jih. A koto player moves those bridges to adjust tune of the instrument and plays it with artificial fingernails (picks) of the right hand. The instrument makes tones like a western harp if a player doesnft use those picks to play.
Today the playing style of koto varies and there are active exchanges with classical music or other genres, and you can enjoy various "Koto" performance such as collaborations with the western musical instruments and orchestras.

Profile@Yoshie Miura


Born in Hokkaido. Learned at the Ikuta school of Koto music from seven years old.
Studied under the late Mr.Tadao Sawai , Ms.Kazue Sawai and Ms.Chieko Fukunaga.
Sawai Koto Academy instructor, Presiding Yoshie Miura Koto school.

Graduated from Musicology course of the department of liberal arts, Tokai University in March 2004 and 49th NHK Japanese music technician course.
Performed Yoshie Miura Koto recital in Sapporo in August, 2004.
Finished the sound arts course of arts research, Graduate School of Tokai University.

Yoshie Miura Koto recital in commemoration of completion of Graduation School of Tokai University at Tokyo Opera in May 2006.
Interviewed bygRAPORAh in flight magazine of AIR DO in April 2008.
Sold out Yoshie Miura Koto recital sponsored by Chitose city hall.

Played at selected concert of new Japanese musician at Sapporo Civic Arts Festival
in April 2008.

Performed at various concerts, gCompany of Japanese music shows up!h of NHK-FM,74th new musician concert sponsored by the Yomiuri Shinbun and etc.
Played at Shresvich Holstein Music Festival in Germany, Quebec Expofs Japan Pavilion,
Played at gSing New Yearh gAtagoyama classic entertainment festivalh as a member of NHK traditional orchestra in NHK-BS.
Played as leader of Koto group at NHKh Popular song concerth
Received 2nd prize and Hokkaido Broadcasting company Award at 30th Hokkaido Sankyoku concertfs new musical composition.
Received 3rd prize at 13th gKenjun memorial Koto national contesth.
Received Encourage Award at Kumamoto Japanese music national contest.

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